COMING SOON! All vegan grocery store in NJ!
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COMING SOON! All vegan grocery store in NJ!
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COMING SOON: An ALL Vegan Grocery Store in NJ!

about us

Earthways Plant Based Living began to sprout in Owner/Operator Tawada McCrae's mind when she became a vegan in 2015. As a former high school and college athlete, Tawanda has always been health-conscious and sought out natural and organic foods.

No longer interested in just simply supporting animal rescue shelters and plant-based startup companies, Tawanda wanted to do more. While donating time and money to these causes was significant and important, that sprout began to spread stronger, stout roots through research about saving the planet from climate change and helping the animals and beings on it.

And thus, Earthways Plant Based Living pushed through the soil and into the sunshine.

A truly vegan experience that combines innovation and compassion, Earthways Plant Based Living hopes to use its values and practices to develop cruelty-free future generations. Incorporating resources from certified organic local farmers, vendors and entrepreneurs, while supporting our communities and creating strong relationships with those around us is our goal.

We strive to create an atmosphere that encourages our neighbors to interact, collaborate and educate, as well as build generational economic success in low income and disadvantaged communities. Our vision is to lead by example and create a successful blueprint to be replicated in any community with the support, ideas and work force of its residents.

Earthways will be a multipurpose community integrated market that provides vegan foods, household items, apparel, literature, beauty products, pet products and nutritional education services. Our mission is to bring vegan products and awareness into the mainstream, enabling easier access to cruelty-free living.

"Plant based living is the only way to heal the earth, and all its living beings."

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